Submission of Photographic Materials & Pricing Info:
TVS provides Photoshop services such as Photo Editing, Restoration, Colorization and Enhancements. We will scan photos as large as 8"x10", 2x2/35mm slides, 35mm or 2" negatives to quality digital image files for Photoshop processing. We provide you with the finished JPEG format file. Photos, negatives and slides may be mailed or you may have them scanned to JPEG files for sending via E-Mail. Digital images are either E-Mailed or sent by standard mail on media such as CD or DVD. Photoshop work is charged at the rate of $90 per hour in hour increments. Please contact TVS by E-Mail for more specific information and a cost estimate.

NOTE: Please do not E-Mail image files without contacting us first.
Legal Disclaimer:
When you submit photographic material you are agreeing that TVS has permission to copy and then digitally modify these images, however, TVS is not allowed use the photographic material or images in any way that is not authorized. All photographic material will be returned when work has been completed and you will retain ownership and copyright. When you submit any photographic material to TVS for any Photoshop work you are acknowledging that you are the owner and hold the copyright of this submitted photographic material and you will accept full responsibility should there be any copyright infringement claims or ownership disputes by other parties. Please do not submit any photographic material that contains nudity or is obscene, it will be returned at your expense. TVS is extremely careful with our clients submitted materials, however, when submitting any photographic material to TVS for handling this constitutes an agreement by you that any loss or damage of this material will only entitle you to a replacement of a like amount and type of unprocessed material.

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